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Dimensions: 36.00Feet x 31.00Feet x 12.00Feet
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36' Wide x 31' Long x 12' High Metal Barn and RV Shelter with Vertical Roof System (Best).  

For additional information, click on the Specification tab, Site Requirements tab, Order and Delivery Process tab, or Available Colors tab above this text.

For detailed information and the benefits of each of our our roof systems, please check out our roof systems page.


As a General Rule, these wind/snow load rating options available for each state. Check with you local permitting office for their specific requirements, if any.

Available in AL, AR, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MS, MO, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV:

   Non-Certified/Non-Rated Units for 12' Wide to 24' Wide Units

   Engineer Certified for 140 MPH/30PSF for 12' Wide to 24' WideUnits

   14 Gauge Engineer Certified 140 MPH/45 PSF for 26’ Wide to 30’ Wide Units

   12 Gauge Engineer Certified for 140 MPH/45 PSF for 26’ Wide to 30’ Wide Units


Available in Florida:

   14 Gauge Engineer Certified 150 MPH Wind for 12’ Wide to 30’ Wide Units

   14 Gauge Engineer Certified 180 MPH Wind for 12’ Wide to 24’ Wide Units

   12 Gauge Engineer Certified 150 MPH Wind for 12’ Wide to 24’ Wide Units

   12 Gauge Engineer Certified 180 MPH Wind for 26’ Wide to 30’ Wide Units


Available in IN, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA

   14 Gauge Engineer Certified 105MPH/35 PSF for 12’ Wide to 24’ Wide Units

   12 Gauge Engineer Certified 105 MPH/65 PSF for 12’ Wide to 24’ Wide Units

   14 Gauge Engineer Certified 140 MPH/45 PSF for 26’ Wide to 30’ Wide Units

   12 Gauge Engineer Certified 105 MPH/65 PSF for 26’ Wide to 30’ Wide Units


For best results, the installation site should be as level as possible. Here are some general guides:

Delivery and Installation are FREE as long as your site is level, has no obstructions, and it is within 70' of our installation crew's vehicle and trailer.

For Carports:

  • We can work with a site that is 3" to 4" off-level.
  • For sites 4" to 12" off-level, there is a labor fee to level the site or cut the legs on site. Call for details.
  • For sites that are more than 12" out of level, we cannot install the unit because the unit will be unstable. We have customers that have asked us to install the unit and they will sign a waiver. We cannot put you and the unit at risk so installing a unit that is more than 12" off level simply isn't an option.

For Garage and Barns:

  • Your site really needs to be level!
  • We can work with a site that is 2-4" off level but the unit looks much better if the site is level. Garage doors line up better. Side and end wall panels line up better.

Installation Surface:

Installation crews can install all of the units on the ground (grass, dirt, gravel, crusher run, asphalt) and concrete pads. We can install units on a non-floating wood deck for an extra charge. Engineer certified units cannot be installed on a wood deck.

We DO NOT install units on floating boat docks. Sorry!

We can install units on a concrete wall for an extra charge. The wall height can be no greater than 3' tall. The total side height of unit can be no taller than 14'. Please call for pricing.

Roof System Vertical Roof/Best
Roof Panel Corrugated Ridge Orientation Vertical (Ridge to Eave)
Base Width 36'
Roof Length 31'
Base Length 30'
Side Height 12'/7'
Interior End Wall (1) 6'W x 6'H Garage Door on Right Lean-to
Interior End Wall Closed with Vertically Oriented Panels on Right Lean-to 15' from Back End Wall
Unit Width Center 12'
Unit Width Left Lean-to 12'
Unit Width Right Lean-to 12'
Front End Center Unit Open
Back End Center Unit Open
Left Side Wall Center Unit 3' Deep Vertical Panel under Eave/Remainder of Side is Open
Right Side Wall Center Unit 3' Deep Vertical Panel under Eave at 10'/Remainder of Side is Open
Right Side Wall Center Unit Closed at 15' from with Vertically Oriented Panels
Front End Left Lean-to Gable with Vertically Oriented Panels
Back End Left Lean-to Gable with Verticall Oriented Panels
Left Lean-to Side Wall Closed with Horizontally Oriented Panels
Front End Right Lean-to Gable with Vertically Oriented Panels
Back End Right Lean-to Closed with Vertically Oriented Panels
Right Lean-to Side Wall (2) Windows
Right Lean-to Side Wall Closed at 15' with Vertically Oriented Panels
Other Specifications
Galvanzed Steel Frame Gauge and Size 14 Gauge 2½” x 2½”
Steel Panel Gauge 29 Gauge
Anchor Systems
Non-Certified Units Straight Rebar (½” x 30”) on Ground/Asphalt Installations. Expansion Sleeve Anchors on Concrete.
Certified Units (Optional Upgrade) Mobile Home Anchors for Ground Installations. Expansion Sleeve Anchors on Concrete.
Engineer Certification
Maximum Rating None (Option to Add to Unit in Cart)

Our ordering process is simple and straightforward. Whether you are purchasing your building online or you're working with one of our knowledgeable representatives, the process is essentially the same.

Once you have selected the building that you need, a down payment is required to get your order started. For orders under $1500.00, a down payment of 10% is required. For orders that are $1500 or more, a down payment of 12% is required. The down payment may be greater for large structures.

To expedite your order, payment can be accepted using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal.

We can accept company or personal checks but those checks must clear, usually requiring 5-10 business days, before your order is processed

We can accept purchased orders and those should be submitted to us for approval.

Order Cancellation

There is a $30.00 fee for ALL orders that are cancelled within 5 days of placing your order.  You will be refunded the balance of your down payment. After 5 days, your order has been placed into the production process and there will be no refund of your initial down payment. You will not be required to pay any additional fees at this point in the order process.

What Happens After I Place The Order?

Once you have placed your order, we will review your order to ensure it is correct and that it can be built to your specifications. We review your order:

  • to ensure you have selected the proper building for your area or state. For example, some areas require a certified structure. If your area requires a certified structure and you have not selected that option, we reserve the right to either reject your order or to change it, whichever you prefer.


  • to ensure that the structure will accommodate all of the items that you have ordered. If you have selected items that cannot be fitted into the structure, we reserve the right to reject the order or change it. For example, if you choose to place (2) 9'W x 8'H garage doors in a 7' tall structure, the building height is not adequate to accommodate those doors. We would have to reject that order or give you the option to change the door size or the building side height. As always, we will work with you on these items to ensure you get exactly what you need.


  • to ensure that the price and sales tax (where applicable) is correct. We're not perfect and we do make an occasional error. We reserve the right to correct any human or builder price errors.


Once the order has been reviewed by our staff, a digital copy of the order is e-mailed to you for review. We ask that you carefully review the order for accuracy. If it meets with your approval, click to sign the order digitally and confirm. A copy is saved in your e-mail and a copy is automatically returned to us. We forward your order to manufacturing at that point. For most orders over $1000.00, the a representative will contact you to ensure that you are ready for installation. This does not mean they are coming out immediately. It simply means that you are placed in line for the delivery. The estimated delivery time starts from the moment you are ready to take delivery. Your order will not be placed in line for manufacturing until your site is ready for installation.

When your order is ready to be installed, you will be contacted by a customer service representative. In most cases, you will be given your scheduled installation date one week in advance. The representative will give you an approximate time of day for delivery, usually morning or afternoon. The manufacturer will not give you an exact time of delivery because in most cases, there are multiple installations scheduled for the installation contractor. By batching multiple installations together, that keeps shipping costs lower, and ultimately, your cost lower. Installation contractors can transport up to eight units. Unless your order is $12,000 or more, there are other customers to be served on the contractor's delivery schedule. Factors such as weather, un-level installation site, and delays in a customer getting to their job site can and may delay the contractor to getting to your installation site in a timely manner. For the majority of installations, they go delay-free. Just be advised that installations can be delayed due to factors that are out of our control. We do everything in our power to ensure your installation is completed in a timely manner but keep in mind that this is construction and there is an occasional delay.

Once the building is installed, you will be required to pay the balance of the order. Then, you're ready to utilize and enjoy your new building provided by Cardinal Carports!                            

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Prefabricated Steel Building Advantages

In addition to faster construction time and lower construction costs, there are other advantages to our specific line of prefabricated metal buildings. Many customers have to locate their own contractors to install their building. We have eliminated that hassle with our line of pre-engineered steel buildings. The manufacturer takes care of that for you! The requirements are that the level, unobstructed site be ready when the building installation crew arrive, a concrete pad, where used, be square and built to the engineer's specifications, a lift that you provide, in order for our crews to set the trusses and install the exterior panels, and power for the crews hand tools.

Before you purchase your new metal building, our team will guide you obtaining the information you will need to get and meet your area's building code requirements. They will work with you on the dimensions of the structure, as well as dimensions and placement of garage doors and other options. Our Building Specialists will assist you in obtaining the engineer's drawings so that if a permit is required, your permitting jurisdiction will have all of the information that they need for the inspection process.

Out team is ready and willing to help you get started on your journey to become the owner of a new pre-fabricated metal building. Compared to conventional construction, you will be surprised at how quick and easy the process is. Whether you need a steel building for agricultural equipment storage, small aircraft hanger or shelter, barns for livestock, a larger metal workshop, or other special use building, we can help. Call us today!



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