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    Utility Carports | Metal Utility Carports with Storage

    Utility carport are both metal carport shelters that are designed to cover cars, trucks, or other types of vehicles and they are combined with a storage room built into the unit. As a general rule, most carport manufacturers in the United States refer to these units as utility carports, combo carports, or carports with storage. The are available in widths of 12' wide to 24' wide. While these units are generally 5' to 10' deep with either a small garage door or walk-in door built into the unit for entry, we can make the enclosed unit and the vehicle shelter sections as long as you need. The recommended length for the open carport shelter is at least 20' long to accommodate the length of most cars.

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    Carport | Vertical Roof | 20W x 26L x 8H Utility  

    Carport | Vertical Roof | 20W x 26L x 8H Utility

    Vertical Roof 2-Car Utility Carport 20'Wx26'Lx8'H

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    Carport | Vertical Roof | 18W x 36L x 7H Utility  

    Carport | Vertical Roof | 18W x 36L x 7H Utility

    Vertical Roof 2-Car Utility Carport 18'Wx36'Lx7'H

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    Metal Utility Garage | Vertical Roof | 22W x 31L x 10H | Storage Garage  

    Metal Utility Garage | Vertical Roof | 22W x 31L x 10H | Storage Garage

     Vertical Roof Metal Utility Garage 24'Wx31'Lx10'H

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    Vertical Roof Garages | A-Frame Metal Garages

    Go with the Vertical Roof Garage if you want the longest lasting unit that you can own. In addition to the vertical panel ridge orientation, this roof system utilizes additional framing components, such as hat channel or purlins, to support the roof panels and to tie the frame together. On the other two roof systems, only the panels tie the roof system together with the frame. A true ridge cap at the apex of the roof is also used and that component is not a part of the regular style or boxed eave style roof, since the horizontal panels simply roll over the peak of the building. Thus, a ridge cap is not needed on any of the horizontal roof systems. In addition to the hat channel, the vertical roof garage has a deeper roof end and roof side trim, giving it a much nicer, finished appearance.

    Vertical roof metal garages are available in widths up to 60' wide and in side heights up to 20' tall. We can install these units on most any site that is level, on concrete, ground, grass, gravel, asphalt, and even wood decks. Engineer certification is available for all of the metal garages that we offer. However, we cannot provide certification on units installed on a wood foundation and we do not install on floating boat docks.

    Both 14 gauge and 12 gauge framing systems are available. 29 gauge steel panels, as well as optional 26 gauge panels are also available. A variety of garage door sizes from 6' wide up to 12' wide are in stock and garage door heights up to 14' tall are available, as well. Garage doors, windows, personnel doors can be installed on the end or the side walls. Other options, such as lean-tos, interior end walls, and insulation are available in most areas. We offer 13 color choices and that be mixed or match to create a beautiful look for your new garage or workshop on your property. Call us today and we will help you get the perfect, A-frame Vertical Roof Garage that works for you!

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