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Cardinal Carports supplies the highest quality enclosed garage, steel garages, and enclosed buildings at the lowest possible price to most of the United States. With more than 15 years of experience in the business, we strive to provide an metal garages building that best provides a solution for you! Whether you are in need of a steel garage for your vehicles, a backyard storage garage for your lawn equipment or tool storage, a workshop, or just a man cave to get out of the house, we can customize a structure that's just right for you. All of our products feature FREE delivery and FREE installation on your level, unobstructed job site.

Our Garages

All of the enclosed metal garages that we provide are constructed of high grade steel. All of the roof panels are painted to provide a long-lasting finish, providing our customers with years of service. The framing system is tubular steel and has a galvanized finish. Out standard framing system is 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" 14 gauge square tube. We have an optional and heavier 12 gauge tube. All of our units 12' wide to 24' wide are equipped with peak braces and corner braces. Unlike many competing companies  that offer a 5' side height as their starting base price, we provide a minimum of 6' side height for the same price as their 5' tall car port. See just some of the features of our metal garages below.


Regular Garages | Regular Metal Garages

Regular Garages

Our Regular Style Roof is our lowest price roof system.This ECONOMY unit features a bend transition from the roof to the side panels .The roof panels are oriented horinzontally or front to back.Trim is installed on the ends of the unit .This unit is ideal for low-cost shelter solution .Please check out our low prices on the best economy garage that you can buy.


Boxed Eave Garages | A-Frame Metal Garages

Boxed Eave Garages

The MID-GRADE of our roof systems,our BOXED EAVE ,the features the A-Frame style like the vertical roof system. On this unit, the panels are oriented horizontally or front to back .This roof system features trim on both the sides and ends of the unit.Check out our low prices on the best mid-grade garage that you can buy.


Vertical Roof Garages| A-Frame Metal Garages

Vertical Roof Garages

The Best and most durable of any of our roof systems.Panels are oriented vertically so the panels stay cleaner and last longer. This roof system features a deeper trim on sides and ends as well as a ridge cap at the top to the unit where the roof panels meet. Check out our low prices on the best all steel garage that you can buy.


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2-Car Garage | Vertical Roof | 24W x 31L x 9H | Metal Garage  

2-Car Garage | Vertical Roof | 24W x 31L x 9H | Metal Garage

 Vertical Roof 2-Car Metal Garage 24'Wx31'Lx9'H

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Single Garage | Regular Roof | 18'W x 21'L x 7`H |  1-Car  

Single Garage | Regular Roof | 18'W x 21'L x 7`H | 1-Car

 Regular Roof Single Car Garage 12'Wx21'Lx7'H

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Double Metal Carports | Double Car Carports

What Options are Available for Double Carports?

  • Length - Units can be built as long as you need. Standard lengths are 21' Long, 26' Long, 31' Long, 36' Long, and increase in 5' increments. tall as you need but the side height cannot exceed the width of the unit.
  • Side Height - In most areas, we offer side heights up to 14' tall.
  • Certification - Depending on your state or local code requirements, some units can be purchased as non-certified. For those areas that require building permits, certified is the only option. Certification means that the unit is built to withstand the wind and snow load requirements specified by your state/local building codes.
  • Side Walls - You have the option of leaving the side wall(s) open, adding 18" wide panel, 36" wide panel, 72" wide panel, or closing the side wall to the ground.
  • End Walls - You have the open of leaving the ends open, placing a gable in the end wall, placing an extended gable in the end wall, or closing the end wall to the ground.

How are 2-Car Carports Utilized?

Our 18' wide to 24'wide double metal carports products have a variety of practical uses. Customers utilize them for automobile shelters, boat storage, agricultural equipment storage storage, and much more. We always recommend a unit wider than 18' if you plan on enclosing the side walls as a wider unit is needed in order to open your vehicle's doors inside the partially enclosed unit. Side height is another consideration. Our double carports can be enclosed later to create a fully enclosed garage. Most garage doors are 7' tall so we recommend at least a side height of 8' and 9' is better if you plan on enclosing the unit later.  Other uses for these double metal carports or 2-car carports are metal shelters for farm animals, patio covers, outdoor break shelters, picnic shelters, and designated smoking area shelters. They are more most often used for double metal carports for homeowners.

How Do I Get a Double Carport?

Our process for ordering double carports is simple and straightforward. Whether you are making your purchase in the online store or working with one of our experienced Building Specialists, the process is the same. 

Once you have selected the carport that fits your needs, a small down payment is required to get your order started. For orders less than $1500.00, a down payment of 12% is required. For orders between $1500.00 and $3999.00, a down payment of 12% is required. For orders over $4000.00, a down payment of 15% is required. For very large and highly customized structures, a larger down payment may be required.

Payment Information

  • In order to expedite your order, we accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. 
  • We can accept Personal Checks and Money Orders but expect those payment types to delay your order 5-10 days for the mail and for them to clear the bank.
  • For businesses and government entities, we can accept purchase orders upon credit approval.

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