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We offer three roof systems from which to choose. They are the Vertical Roof System, The Boxed Eave Roof System, and the Regular Roof System. Each roof system has both advantages and disadvantages in regard to function and cost.

The Vertical Roof is the best roof system that we offer. The panels on the roof are oriented with the corrugated ridges running vertically or up and down much like what you would see on a metal home roof. It stays cleaner and lasts longer than panels oriented horizontally. Pollen, leaves, and other debris easily wash off the roof with a hard rain. Snow also moves better off the vertical roof system. With the additional steel and trim components used to create the vertical roof, the disadvantage to owning this roof system is that it is the most expensive roof system.

The Boxed Eave Roof has the A-Frame appearance of the vertical roof but the panels are oriented horizontally. Horizontal panels tend to trap leaves and debris on the roof. The roof will not stay as clean as the vertical roof and the panels will not last as long. While it has the appearance of the vertical roof in shape, it does not have the ridge cap trip, steel hat perlins, and deeper trim that the Vertical Roof System has. The absence of those components make this roof system less expensive than the vertical roof system.

The Regular Roof does not offer the A-Frame appearance as the two previous roof systems. The panels are oriented horizontally on the roof and the unit has a bend transition to the legs compared to a welded transition on the Vertical and Boxed Eave Roof Systems. The primary advantage to owning thsi roof system is cost. This is our most economical roof system.


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